Body Massage

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Improve Your Physical Health!

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Among the most common types of massage therapies are:

• Swedish Massage
• Sports Massage
• Shiatsu Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Back Walking
• Hot Stone Therapy
• Thai Massage

A Body Massage Is a Great Experience

When done correctly, a body massage is a physical delight and an emotional pleasure. There are many medical conditions that can be relieved with massage, and the relaxation provides a soothing release for the mind.

At Empress Massage in the Atlanta area, we are dedicated to making body massage a mind and body experience that is emotionally enriching as much as it is physically relaxing. Every step of the process is designed to create an atmosphere of serenity and calm so that stress is removed and the body can gain the most benefit from the skilled touch of the therapists.

An Ancient Tradition

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years but is only now becoming recognized by modern medicine as a valuable tool for patient care. There are many conditions that can benefit from massage therapy, doing away with the need for medications or reducing dependence on them. Body massage is accepted as part of the holistic approach to medical care and the sessions, which are performed by trained, licensed therapists, can provide wonderful results.

• Aches, pain and stiffness due to arthritis are reduced.
• Pulmonary function is improved, helping asthma sufferers and others with breathing difficulties.
• Blood pressure is reduced with the decrease of anxiety and stress hormones.
• Neurological conditions can be treated with less medication.
• Premenstrual symptoms such as cramping and water retention are decreased.
• Sleep quality is improved, so fatigue is reduced and concentration is increased.
• Circulation is increased, bringing oxygenated blood to more cells more quickly, which leads to faster healing and better organ function.

Special Styles for Special Situations

Although many people are happy to receive a general rub-down, there are actually very specific techniques and styles for body massage therapy. Some call for the application of heat or cold, use essential oils, or depend on water.

Find Out What Is Best for You

Contact us at Empress Massage for more information about the variety of body massage therapies we offer at our Atlanta area facilities. Print the coupon from our Web site and receive an extra 10 free minutes for your massage. Your body and mind will be grateful for the care and relaxation you will enjoy.