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Hydrotherapy Is More than a Long, Hot Soak

There is nothing more relaxing and sensually pleasing than a long, hot soak in a tub. It is always pictured as a great way to relax, especially with soft music playing and some candlelight. While no one will argue that point, an even better treat is professional hydrotherapy, which uses a combination of pressure and heat to relieve tension and relax muscles.

There are several different approaches to hydrotherapy depending on the needs of the client and his or her ability to withstand certain treatments.

• Hydrotherapy can take place in a bath, such as a whirlpool bath, and may or may not take advantage of certain minerals added to the water or essential oils for a touch of aromatherapy.
• Hydrotherapy massage can be done with pressurized water focused on specific areas.
• Dry hydrotherapy massage takes place on a special table or bed where the patient is covered with a rubber pad and stays dry while jets of water move over the body.

Hydrotherapy is used for many patients because traditional massage is too strenuous or their skin or muscles are too sensitive. The combination of warmth and pressure with water is quite soothing and can be used to aid with relaxation and pain management and to encourage sleep.

In a whirlpool or other bath, pressure on the joints is relieved by the buoyancy of the water, and the warmth serves to increase blood flow for better circulation. Combined with gentle movements, the water can soothe the entire body without unnecessary pressure or friction.

You Know It Feels Great

As an added form of massage therapy or as a one-time treat, contact the professionals at Empress Massage in the Atlanta area and learn about the benefits of hydrotherapy. You know a soak in a hot bath feels good, as do the pulses from the shower head attachment at home, so you know that a real hydrotherapy session will make you feel like a new person. Ladies should check for our $10 off special.