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Body Massage | Empress Massage

When done correctly, a body massage is a physical delight and an emotional pleasure. There are many medical conditions that...

Foot Massage | Empress Massage

Imagine never having to put pressure on your feet. No pinched toes, sore arches, or tired ankles. Only in outer space could that...

Hydrotherapy | Empress Massage

There is nothing more relaxing and sensually pleasing than a long, hot soak in a tub. It is always pictured as a great way to relax...

Stress in daily life is everywhere and adds more worries each and every day to overcome the effects of this build-up, contact our Empress Massage!

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Relax and Feel Refreshed

There is no doubt about the amount of stress that fills the lives of most people today. Along with that stress we develop aches and pains, and the best way to resolve the discomfort is with a professional massage. There is no real need for medication for most daily aches, and on top of relieving muscular tension, a good massage restores a better mental attitude as well.

At Empress Massage in the Atlanta area, we offer a variety of treatments at reasonable prices.

• Swedish Massage
• Sports Massage
• Shiatsu Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Back Walking
• Hot Stone Therapy
• Thai Massage
• Foot Massage
• Hydrotherapy Massage

With choices for half-hour, one-hour and combination massages, we can help anyone feel better and regain a more positive outlook. Based on ancient principles with modern techniques added in, you can loosen up tight muscles, relieve stress, and improve range of motion.

Additionally, massage has been shown to have other positive effects:

• Better quality of sleep
• Greater energy
• Increased circulation
• Improved concentration
• Decreased anxiety

The Relaxation Begins at the Door

One of the most important features for any massage therapy is a sense of calm. Empress Massage begins every treatment with that in mind, so the lights are subdued, a pleasant fragrance is in the air, and soothing music plays in the background.

For appointments or even as a walk-in, you are treated politely and gently and helped to feel at ease. The combination of the atmosphere and the magic of the massage treatment often puts clients to sleep as they give in to the caring manipulations of the therapist.

Everyone Can Benefit from Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is now being recognized by the modern medical community as a reliable method for helping many patients who suffer from chronic problems related to disease, neurological disorders, and injuries. Even without such specific conditions, massage is a great way for anyone to take care of themselves. It is not a question of being pampered—it is a legitimate component to wellness care for the body and mind.

Contact Empress Massage at either of our Atlanta area facilities to find out how our therapies can help you improve your physical and emotional health and wellness. Print the coupon from our Web site and receive an extra 10 free minutes for your massage.